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Teen Program:
Success, Magic, & Mental Health with Max Darwin


An interactive talk and magic workshop led by actor/magician, Max Darwin.  Max weaves in magic while sharing his work in film, TV, and on stage, plus shares his personal experiences with ADHD/anxiety/depression


Customized for middle and high school students, Max shares his own challenges in school while trying to understand why he didn't to fit in.



Every magic trick can be broken down into 3 parts - set-up, story, and success - and that is the same in life.  Max encourages participants to consider their own set-up (what can they be doing right now for the future?), think about the story they are telling, and be ready for surprising moments of success.  Max also includes tips & tricks for dealing with your own mental health and everyone learns how to perform a magic trick! 


For Middle & High School students


Length:  30 - 60 min.


- This version is inspired by Max's original mental health talk, but created for teens (grades 6-12)



This can be done virtually (via Zoom or other platforms) or in person (flexible with theater settings, classroom, large gathering space, etc).


- Talks can be adjusted to 30-60 minutes.

-  Live Q&A is available

- Additional workshop time can be added to learn more magic 

About Max


MAX DARWIN (Creator/Actor/Magician) first appeared on stage before he could walk!  He loves theater, magic, ninjas, and the sound of children laughing.  His stage show, The Amazing Max, has been playing in NYC Off Broadway and touring across the county since 2011.  He can be seen as a featured artist on Season 3 & 4 of “Brain Games” (National Geographic Channel) and magic consultant for "Gotham" (Fox) and "American's Got Talent" (NBC).  

As an actor TV credits include "FBI", "Sneaky Pete", "Girls", “Blindspot”, “Black Box”, and hosting the hit Nickelodeon show “Game Farm”. He has also appeared in various national TV commercials such as T-Mobile with DJ Khaled, Axe Body Spray, Verizon, Bank of America, and Coca-Cola.

In 2018 Max was selected as an artist in residence as part of The New Victory Theater’s Labworks program and collaborated with Academy Award Winner Alexander Dinelaris ("Birdman"). 

During COVID-19 Max has stepped onto a virtual stage to perform perhaps his most incredible feat ever: Getting kids truly excited about learning something and – in the process – showing them how to believe in themselves.  Max is mentoring students all over the U.S. and as far away as Mexico, Finland, Kuwait, and Hong Kong.  

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