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Jeremy Sicile-Kira

Visual Artist - Advocate 

Jeremy Sicile-Kira is an award-winning intuitive artist with autism who communicates by typing. Jeremy is a synesthete – He hears music as emotions, and he sees emotion in color. In 2012, Jeremy began to paint his dreams: dreams that he was painting the emotions of people into colorful abstract portraits. In 2016, his first curated solo art show held in San Diego was covered by local and national media, resulting in a sold-out show. 

“My ability to paint the colors I see in my dreams is the greatest gift I have. I truly only paint a person’s joyful colors. I nicely believe if I capture their greatly happy colors into a portrait of their true self that they can look at every day, they will behave as great beautiful beings.” For more information, go to Jeremy’ Jeremy is passionate about helping others and gives presentations at local schools to encourage students to be the best they can.  

Programs Offered by Jeremy

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The Beautiful Colors of Jeremy Sicile-Kira

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