Bite-Size Science

Virtual Programming with

The Singing Zoologist

Episode Topics:  

Ep. 1: The Chimichanga Song (basic needs of animals)

Ep. 2: How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got? (Habitats)

Ep. 3: The Monarch Butterfly Song (Life cycles and migration)

Ep. 4: Can You See the Connection (bats and interdependence)

Ep. 5: Anaconda La Bamba! (Fact/Fiction, evaluating sources)

Ep 6: I’m a Cheetah (Adaptations for moving)

Ep. 7: The Right Beak (Adaptations for eating)

Ep. 8: A Day in the Desert (Adaptations to ecosystems)

Ep. 9: Winter Bummerland (Adaptations to survive winter)

Ep 10: Who's in That Egg? (animal groups)
Ep 11:  Metamorphosis (Life cycles & metamorphosis)
Ep 12:  Prairie Chicken Boogie (life cycles, offspring)
Ep. 13:  Bluebonnet Time (Pollination, parts of a plant, life cycle of plants, offspring )
Ep. 14: All About Hive (Pollination, insect life cycles, adaptations of plants)
Ep. 15: Living in a Wetland (Ecosystems, biodiversity, & importance of wetlands)
Ep. 16: I’m a Mako Shark (flow of energy through a food web, interdependence, adaptations)
Ep. 17: I Love Earth (renewable vs nonrenewable resources, making wise choices)
Ep 18: We Can Bring Them Back (what scientists do, endangered species, impact of human actions on the environment)
Ep 19:  Hideaway Place (getting OUTSIDE and the benefits of nature)


Ages:  6-10


Grades:  1st - 5th


Length:  10 - 15 min.

* Pre-recorded episodes

  This 19-episode series of curriculum-related videos covers cheetah adaptations, ocean food chains, wetlands, monarch butterflies, pollination, and much more. Each video is 10-15 minutes and features one of Lucas' animal songs (including new tunes!) and a dynamic science lesson as only the singing zoologist can deliver!

Packages available for entire series, per semester, special topic packages or a la carte per episode.

Curriculum Connections:

Science: Life cycles, animal groups, metamorphosis, insects, animal migration, habitats, wildlife conservation, food chains/webs, ecosystems

Themes: Growth and change, seasons, cycles in nature, appreciation of nature, science, and observation

Language Arts: Rhymes, lyrics, storytelling, songwriting

Private Virtual Q&A with Lucas Miller:  
  • Students engage with The Singing Zoologist in a 10-15 minute live session where kids are invited to ask Lucas questions about the episodes, science, and/or music.  

  • All sessions must be scheduled in advance.

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About Lucas

Lucas Miller (Creator) has a Zoology degree! He graduated with a B.A. in zoology from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). Lucas started sharing his love of wildlife with students in 1992 and has presented for over two MILLION kids! He is on the Texas Commission on the Arts’ Roster of Touring Artists & Companies since 2000.  He also was selected as a Natl Endowment for the Arts’ “American Masterpiece Artist” for ’08-’10 touring seasons.