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The Singing Zoologist

Science is his jam!

Children’s author, musician, and YouTuber Lucas Miller (who really does have a zoology degree), is on a mission to cultivate and nurture young scientists!  His creative videos, smart songwriting, and energetic teaching delight animal lovers of all ages.


The Singing Zoologist gets audiences giggling and grooving while they learn about metamorphosis, wetlands, ocelots, and more.   Kids adore his live-wire energy and adults love the wealth of science he weaves into each song and story.


Ages:  4-10


Grades:  K - 5th


Length:  30 - 50 min.

* Offers virtual programs

(live stream or pre-recorded)

Curriculum Connections:

Science: Life cycles, animal groups, metamorphosis, insects, animal migration, habitats, wildlife conservation, food chains/webs, ecosystems

Themes: Growth and change, seasons, cycles in nature, appreciation of nature, science, and observation

Language Arts: Rhymes, lyrics, storytelling, songwriting

What will they learn?


  • K-2 focus on life cycles of frogs, monarch butterflies, bluebonnets, and more

  • 3-5 learn about adaptations of cheetahs, the mako shark's food chain, the ecology of wetlands, and more 

About Lucas

Lucas Miller (Creator) has a Zoology degree! He graduated with a B.A. in zoology from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio). Lucas has shared his love of wildlife with students and has presented for over two MILLION kids!  Better known as the “singing zoologist,” he has been literally singing the praises of wildlife since. His zany humor, smart songwriting and unbridled passion for science inspire his fans, young and old, to respect and protect the natural world.

He is on the Texas Commission on the Arts’ Roster of Touring Artists & Companies since 2000.  He also was selected as a Natl Endowment for the Arts’ “American Masterpiece Artist” for ’08-’10 touring seasons.  

Lucas has reached millions through his legendary school programs and many more through his YouTube channel, “Science Up with the Singing Zoologist.” His recordings have won awards galore and he was named an “American Masterpiece” artist by the National Endowment for the Arts, but it’s really the notes from generations of fans that are his highest honor.

Lucas Miller at Chiroptorium
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