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Dare to Think conversations 

Christine began developing "Dare to Think" in February 2022 as a 2 day workshop for new and mid-career arts professionals.  The concept was simple, put your daily grind on pause for 2 days so that we can engage in high-level conversation with two important themes: artistic excellence and the future of the performing arts industry in the United States.  Industry leaders were placed into small groups and encouraged to think bigger picture in hopes of navigating new and innovative ways of moving forward.   


  • Listen to Christine talk about "Dreaming Big" and how her work on the "Dare to Think summits brought a group of 5 strangers together that has since lead them to create the podcast, There's No Business Like.  Episode 19:  Christine Cox:  Keep Dreaming Big

How it works

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Who is it For?

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Benefits for your Organization

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