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Off Broaway
Off Broadway

3C Theater Consulting was created by Cathy Russell and Christine Cox.  Both women have years of experience with every aspect of production. They help their clients set goals, create a budget, brainstorm an investor list, hire actors and artistic staff, create a marketing plan and feel more confident about being a producer!  They are also available to general manage your show.


As consultants for Theater for Young Audiences, we focus on accomplishing successful outreach, meaningful connection to community and audiences, and support for artists as they journey to create innovative theatrical experiences for families. We have a passion for Theater for Young Audiences and empowering artists/creators in their producing process.  Our practical approach in consulting helps to attain the strongest results and save you money in the process.

What We Offer:
  • Develop a custom marketing plan

  • Support on where to list the shows and events

  • Support on where to market and advertise

  • Advise on the best approach to making the most of marketing/advertising budget

  • Advise on grassroots marketing

  • Advise on marketing materials including logos and graphics

General Management/Producing
  • Help to build the team

  • Budget analysis

  • Brainstorm fundraising initiatives (how to raise money, crowdfunding, etc)

  • Assist with setting up business (LLC, insurance, payroll, etc)

  • Be a partner with communicating with the venue (box office, marketing staff, etc) 

Inquire for Consultation & Custom Package rates!
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