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The Sinless

Written by Judah Skoff

Presented by New Roman Theatre Group in Partnership with the Theater at the 14th Street Y in March 2019.


Told in a radically experimental style of monologue, duologue, and fragment, THE SINLESS is about Annabelle and Tuvia, an Orthodox Jewish couple in crises. Tuvia is a rabbinical student and a man of deep faith, whereas Annabelle got swept up in the religious life. However, she is ambivalent about their marriage and the constricting religious world she finds herself in. When Tuvia leaves for the weekend to go to his brother's bachelor party, Annabelle embarks on a rebellious journey to indulge her deepest, unspoken desires.


What will she do when God isn't watching?


Ages:  Mature audiences


Length:  60 min.


Jewish themed

About The Company

The New Roman Theatre Group is an experimental theatre company which seeks to break down the barriers between performer and audience. It produces theatrical events which emphasize language, fragment, and image and tries to reimagine traditional performances through new approaches to storytelling. Founded by Producing Director Rebecca Deitsch Skoff and Artistic Director Judah Skoff, and inspired by radical French writers such as Marguerite Duras and Alain Robbe-Grillet, New Roman will introduce a new generation of theatergoers to a genuine aesthetic of American avant-garde. Contact us at

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