WonderSpark Puppets performs highly interactive shows fused with puppetry and storytelling.  Fox Fables is the story about a fox who loses his tail. He tries to be several other animals before realizing the moral lesson of this ancient Aesop’s fable.  In the The Hidden Challah we follow Max on a wild adventure to find Nancy's missing challah bread.  Hannukah and Passover versions available!

Ages:  0 - 6

Grades:  PreK - 2nd

Length:  30 - 50 min.

Jewish themes available

WonderSpark (Z. Briggs and Chad Williams) Founded in 2009 by husband and wife duo Z. Briggs and Chad Williams, WonderSpark Puppets perform for New York City audiences of all ages. Together with Jenny Hann and Christina Stone, they perform over 300 shows a year and have toured internationally.

WonderSpark is proud to continue the tradition of non-moving-mouth hand puppets, aka "Mister Rogers style".