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Cheryl offers customized AI workshops for performing arts centers.

Cheryl Marquez

Speaker - AI Enthusiast - Digital Content Creator

Unlock the Power of AI: Transform Your Performing Arts Organization with Time-Saving Tips

Are you and your team always fighting against the constraints of limited staff and lack of resources? What if you could deliver your marketing campaigns in less time leveraging AI as your copywriter and editing partner? What if you could leverage an expert to answer your questions in minutes instead of days?


If this is your team, our AI workshops are tailor-made for you. They offer practical strategies and AI tools you can implement immediately.

  • ​Imagine building your marketing plan, content calendar, email campaigns, and print collateral in a fraction of the time it takes today

  • Imagine an AI assistant that helps you handle the mountain of email

  • Use the power of words to bring your creative ideas to life easily and effectively


Don’t get left behind, start your journey towards an AI-enhanced future in the performing arts. Let's revolutionize your organization together, making it more resilient, creative, and connected than ever before. Are you ready to embrace the change?

Program Options

PROJECT Unveiled: Backstage Access to Streamlined Content Creation with AI


Boost your content in no time with the PROJECT Framework, a 1-hour virtual workshop offering a 7-step guide to AI-powered content creation. Define your voice, target your audience, and streamline your research. Create content with AI as your copywriting and editing partner. This workshop provides practical skills you can implement immediately.

PROJECT Framework for Content Creation

  • Perspective & Personas

  • Research

  • Organized Content Calendar

  • Jumpstart with AI

  • Editing Essentials

  • Consistent Schedule

  • Targeted Engagement


This webinar can be expanded to a custom-tailored workshop for your organization. It will skip the areas where your team processes are dialed in and focus on where you need the most help.

Set the Stage for Success: MARKET to your Audiences


Imagine seamlessly orchestrating your marketing plan, content calendar, email campaigns, print collateral, and social media presence, all in a fraction of time, with our comprehensive webinar,



  • Manage your marketing plan

  • Arrange your content calendar

  • Run email campaigns with cohesive copy

  • Kickstart print collateral

  • Enhance social media presence

  • Track and analyze performance


With MARKET, AI becomes your personal marketing assistant, streamlining every step of your marketing journey. This live webinar can be expanded to a 3 hour workshop custom-tailored for your organization.


Custom-tailored workshops include:

  • 1 hour pre-workshop Q&A

  • 3 hour custom-tailored workshop

  • 3 months of support via Slack

About The Creator

Cheryl Marquez manages digital programs for a late-stage Silicon Valley startup. Her background includes managing website projects and developer programs at Apple, Netgear, HP, Informatica, and PalmSource.


As an AI enthusiast, she is teaching business owners how to use AI to build their content strategy while showcasing their unique expertise. You can hire her as a speaker for workshops and webinars or take a crash course on how to use AI to help you build 30 days of content in a weekend.

Cheryl Marquez is an AI enthusiast who teaches organizations how to use AI better in your day to day work life.


"Partnering with Cheryl Marquez, who spearheaded a training session for my Side Hustle School, was nothing short of phenomenal. Her expertise in utilizing Al tools to craft engaging content was a big hit for my audience.  I can highly recommend Cheryl for her exceptional skills in leveraging Al tools and her ability to deliver easy-to-follow training experiences."

- Fabienne Hansen, Side Hustle School

Why AI?

By integrating AI into your operations, you can address a wide array of challenges:

  • Marketing Mastery: Elevate your promotional efforts with AI-driven insights and automation, reaching wider audiences more effectively.

  • Creative Solutions: Harness AI for creative problem-solving, from design to storytelling.

  • Efficiency Boost: Optimize administrative and operational tasks, from scheduling to email management, allowing you to reclaim your time and emotional energy.

  • Engagement and Outreach: Utilize AI tools to enhance your community engagement, workshops, and training sessions, making them more interactive and impactful.

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